About Me

As you’ve probably gathered from the site so far, my name is Richard and I’m an IT professional based in the Midlands in the UK and I’ve been in the industry since 2008 when I was 21. I have been a Support Engineer for the majority of my career so far, working in Public, Private, MSP, and not-for-profit.

A few years ago I made the step into a full SysAdmin / 3rd line role which is where I have always wanted to go and am loving it so far. I’m at a fantastic company full of equally fantastic people and I am desperate to learn as much as I can every day.

From my past in Desktop Support, I have a passion for helping people. Seeing somebody have a problem solved and them thanking you for it is a great feeling. So, this page is basically an online repository where I can dump useful tidbits that can hopefully cheer somebody up!

Outside of the office I live alone and enjoy climbing, snowboarding, photography, and baking/making my colleagues fatter whenever I can find the time!

For a bit of further insight into me, here’s a playlist that you can also access via the Spotify button in the top right.