Certification Progress

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on here; I haven’t written a post all year in fact and thought it was about time. This isn’t really a technical write-up (I’m looking to do more of those, and have some topics to cover) but more of an update on what I’ve actually been doing since my last post.

Well, I’ve mainly been focusing on Certifications. This is mainly to boost my appeal to my current company, as I have no desire to leave. But, should the worst happen and they decide they don’t want me anymore, it’ll only help people take notice of my CV when they see it.

Below is a snap from my Credly highlighting what I’ve achieved.

The Microsoft exams were (as shown) entry-level exams which I passed the first time and did not need a huge amount of preparation; although I did do video courses from Udemy on both of them leading into the exam.

The big one though was the CCNA. This took months of prep, a fantastic course by Neil Anderson on Udemy, some brilliant practice exams from Boson, and the Official Certification Library from Wendell Odom. I failed initially; one more correct answer would have seen me pass. I scored 817/1000, the additional correct answer would have taken me to 826 and over the pass threshold of 825, but it wasn’t to be. I took some time to revise some more and focus on my weak areas and tried again thankfully I passed this time with 895/1000.

Overall I enjoyed the process of learning all of them, and it’s very rewarding to get some credentials under my belt. The next stop is an ITIL V4 course which was very kindly paid for by my employer so hopefully, I have a similar success story to share in November!

Some more technical how-to guides coming soon I hope!


30-something Sysadmin from the Midlands, UK.